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You will find that the Part 3 test of your instructional ability will be the hardest of all of the tests and although you will not like to here this it is where most people fail to pass (around 1 in 3 pass the part 3)

This test requires most work and preparation and can be the most frustrating as it requires you to transfer your knowledge to a learner driver.

This test comprises of 2 phases.

Phase 1- This phase the SE ADI role plays an L-driver of little or no experience (novice or partly trained). The examiner is hoping to see you transfer your knowledge of 1 of the 10 pre-set tests to him/her and pitching your instructional level at the pupil being played.

This phase last approximately 25-30 mins where you must demonstrate a minimum standard and he gives you a grade of between 1 and 6 (1 being poor and 6 being very good). You must obtain a minimum grade of 4 in both phase 1 and phase 2 to qualify.

Phase 2 - In this phase the SE ADI role plays a trained driver at or around driving test standard. The examiner is watching to see if you can demonstrate your fault finding and correctional method used to rectify any problems that may become apparent and that you pitch in with correct instructional level. There are other things the examiner is looking for and these would become apparent as your knowledge and training develop.
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