Driving Instructor Training by our own Grade 6 ADI

Serving Sunderland since 1995


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Enjoy a rewarding career as a driving instructor. Tyne and Wear

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Training to become an Approved Driving Instructor with the European Driving School ensures to be an interesting experience. We provide mainly instruction to pass the Parts 2 & 3 tests but can if required provide information on the Part 1 test. We also undertake check test support (with our  own trainer who has been grade 6 for 15 of the last 19 years)

We believe that when a P.D.I pays to get trained they should be trained to satisfy the requirements of the tests and also not be left hanging around for their training for long periods between tests.

We offer assessment lessons to see if we will be able to satisfy your training requirements if you think we can't you under no obligation to hand over 1000`s.

Have a look at some of the test information on following pages then contact us for more information.

Part 1 Theory info                Part 2 Driving Ability        Part 3 Instructional Ability

Please note site is being redeveloped and the ADI information is currently being updated.