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The UK theory test requires you to know more than just the highway code. This becomes evident with the increase in the different types of books available to purchase on this subject.

The test is a computer based test which requires you to answer 50 multiple choice questions in 57 minutes. You need to read the questions carefully as they sometimes require more than one answer. You also need to view 14 videos as part of the Hazard peerception test. While viewing the videos you need to identify any potential hazards that you see. You can score up to 5 marks for each clip. Failure in answering all parts of the question mean that you have got that question wrong. Out of the 50 questions you must obtain 43 to pass. You must also score 44 out of 75 for the Hazard peception element. When you have completed the test you will have to wait a short time for the results, if you pass you will be given a letter stating this, although you have to wait for the actual pass certificate. If you fail you will be given a letter stating in what areas of knowledge you were unsuccessful in.

If you pass you have to wait 48 hours before you can book your practical test (due to system updating). The theory test at today's date (March 2018) is &¦163;23.00 and can be booked by using the telephone booking system (0300 200 1122) and a suitable credit/ debit card. The waiting list is usually in the region of two to three weeks.

Recommended reading.

Driving - the essential skills
(available at WH Smith &¦163;4.99)
The Highway code
Know your traffic signs
Take a practice test online
- https://www.gov.uk/theory-test/revision-and-practice

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